About Paul DeCarlo

Honest, Reliable, Knowledgeable

Hello,  I am approaching 20 years of full time real estate sales with RE/MAX.  I began my real estate career with RE/MAX and have never left.

In 1994, I graduated from The Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.  After graduating, I moved to Charleston South Carolina where I opened Picasso's Cafe at the age of 22.

Within the next year, I sold the cafe and took a Management position with Parisian and eventually moved to the Corporate office in Birmingham Alabama.  I became an employee of State Farm Insurance, where I was an Education Specialist and taught various computer courses to the employees.  It was during this time in the late 90's that I began investing in real estate.

I purchased a number of properties in Florida and found real estate as a great hobby and investment option.  That lead me to real estate school where I recevied my license in 2004.  From that point, I became a full-time REALTOR and have never looked back at the decision.  I enjoy selling real estate.  It combines a lot of my best skills into one focused career.

A few of these skills and job requirements include marketing, advice regarding financial decisions related to real estate, timely communication, negotiation, and the ability to find the client's needs and then fit those needs with appropriate solutions.

I look forward to finding and fitting your real estate needs.  Please contact me and we'll get started.


Paul DeCarlo